Turn a Spare Room Into Your Home Office

Are you working from home?

Many of us are, and while it is notthe same as being in the office, you can still make it work! Here are 5 steps that you can follow to create your dream home office, full of comfort and style.

1. Location

The location of your home office is important for a number of reasons, not just light and heat.

It needs to function properly for you to work more effectively at home. If you have a spare room that you can turn into your home office, then you have a variety of furniture options. However, if all of the rooms in the house are in use, don’t worry, you can still create an efficient home office. Use the spare bedroom, a space at the top of the stairs or even a corner in your kitchen or bedroom. Just keep your office furniture choices simple and practical.

All you really need is a desk with storage and proper office chair and there’s your home office! Lighting and heat are also vital though so remember to use somewhere with as much natural light as possible and a heat source. It should also be close to electrical points so you can plug in your devices. If it is a warm area, perhaps you should invest in a desk or pedestal fan to keep the room cooler.

2. Finding the Right Office Chair

This is a key step in the process. After all, you do need somewhere to sit and do your work. When it comes to office chairs, good quality is necessary.

Think about the ergonomics. Studies have shown that ergonomic furniture helps in maintaining your wellbeing by reducing the amount of fatigue and stress due to physical discomfort and bad posture.

Therefore, you should invest in an office chair with a height adjustable seat, a backrest and arm and head support. When determining the height of your chair, ensure you can sit upright and have your monitor at eye height (or at the level which you naturally gaze), and have your arms and elbows at 90 degree angle with your hands just above your keyboard. Armrests on the chair help support in this position. We recommend the New York Director office chairs because they are excellent quality and feature armrests. Purchasing a poor quality chair can cause back, neck and wrist pain.

If you are trying to stay within budget, go for a fabric office chair instead of leather. Your home office can be just as stylish as every other room in your home. Try to choose furniture options that would blend well with your interior style. Don’t forget, purchasing home office furniture is an investment in your future and wellbeing.

3. Deciding On an Office Desk

When you are deciding on a desk, think about your storage needs, surface area requirement and budget.

Buying a desk with drawers will prevent you taking up too much space in the room and you can store all your paperwork in the drawers, which will help keep your surface area free for your laptop. If space is limited, how about a corner desk? Corner desks are perfect for maximising on small spaces and will leave you more room to move around. Similar to your office chair, you want to check that you can sit upright comfortably at your desk so as not to cause any aches or discomfort. If you want to ensure versatile comfort, an adjustable desk may be the way to go.

However, static desks are slightly less expensive and if you check the measurements against your chair, there is no reason you can’t be just as comfortable. Dimensions are key when it comes to ensuring good posture at your new desk! Office desks are available in a range of styles so try to find something that complements your office chair and decor.

4. Storage

If you need more storage in your home office, how about a bookcase or filing cabinet? Both come in a range of sizes and styles.

Bookcases are the perfect office piece because they add a sense of elegance to your office and they are practical. Tall bookcases will provide you with plenty of storage and you can even add some decorative pieces to brighten up your home office.

Choose a quirky bookcase from Meubles to add some character to the room. A filing cabinet is also perfect because you can choose a range of finishes and it is a great way to keep your home office tidy and organised. If your storage needs are extensive, then why not go for both a bookcase and filing cabinet? You can never have too much storage!

5. Office Decor

Adding a stunning decorative piece will not only brighten up your home office but it will also make it feel less like a boring room with a desk.

How about a wall mirror? This will add an elegant touch to your home office, while also allowing you to check your appearance before that dreaded zoom call! Create a relaxing and mindful environment with some gorgeous paintings of the coast. Or perhaps, a nature-inspired painting, if you don't want to be reminded of the foreign getaway you had to cancel. If you're into candles and diffusers, then introduce one into your home office.

Beautiful fragrances can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. 

Creating a stress-free mindset will actually help you get even more work done. Just don't get too relaxed that you switch off! These are our key steps to turning any spare room into a comfortable and stylish home office. What have you done to add that personal touch to your home office? We would love to know!


6th December 2021

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