Kaymed who has over 100 years of experience in creating luxury mattresses that combine the best in technology, materials, and design, will ensure you have a great night's sleep each and every night. This Irish manufacturer is a leading innovator in all things sleep using the latest advances in gel and visco-elastic technologies, all designed to combine sublime levels of comfort, industry-leading pressure relief, and sleep surface temperature regulation.

As the only foam manufacturer in Ireland, across two sites in Dublin and Kildare, they are able to carefully and quickly develop bedding and components using cutting-edge technology.They are extremely proud of their programme of continuous innovation and product development all using technology developed in-house and exclusive to Kaymed

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KAYMED iKool Supreme Gel Memory Foam Pillow
The Kaymed iKool™ supreme gel memory foam pillow has been specially designed to help reduce the overheating and discomfort often felt when using traditional memory foam pillows. The phase-change gel memory within iKool™ conducts heat away from your head to help prevent waking you when you're too hot. It can also store and release heat as your head needs it to prevent you waking because...
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KAYMED Breathe Seasons Magnolia Gel Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Kaymed Gel Breathe Magnolia mattress offers superior pressure relief without the 'sinking in' feeling of some memory foam mattresses. Made with KayGel material with OpenWide cells, this helps warm air to escape and helps promote airflow that will keep the sleeper feeling cool and refreshed all night long. This mattress has a full coverage of KayGell from head to foot ensuring every centimetre of...
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KAYMED Gel Breathe Seasons Danube 1200 Pocket Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Kaymed Breathe Seasons Danube mattress is a pocket sprung mattress with the added benefit of KayGel material from head to foot. This KayGel material, as the word 'Breathe' suggests in this mattress's name allows the body to breathe during the night ensuring the sleeper neither gets too cold or too hot. A pocket sprung mattress, it is medium in firmness and most suitable for those who enjoy sleeping...
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KAYMED iKOOL Deluxe Comfort 2500 Pocket Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The stunning Kaymed iKool Deluxe Comfort 2500 Pocket mattress is the ultimate in luxury sleeping that provides just the right amount of pressure-relieving support at the right temperature - always! This superb mattress from the Kaymed stable is a soft mattress that is suitable for those who like to sleep on their side and back. Featuring a luxury box topper, a foam-encased wall that provides for up...
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KAYMED iKOOL Deluxe Support Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Kaymed iKool Deluxe Support range of mattresses provides medical-grade sleeping surfaces you can have in the comfort of your own home. Using the latest in technology to keep the body at a great regulated temperature all night long, ensuring you don't feel too hot or too cold but just right, these super-premium mattresses are worth every penny. What's more, using KayPure, a trademarked technology...


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KAYMED K3 Gel Supreme 1800 Pocket Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Kaymed K3 Gel Supreme 1800 mattress provides medical-grade pressure relieving comfort with back zone gel cushion coverage and 1800 pocket sprung support. This exceptionally advanced mattress with its medical-grade cushion flexes in 3 directions for fast-acting comfort and pressure relief. It is designed to reduce pressure peaks which can help those who experience sore joints, pins and needles,...


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KAYMED Regulatex Latex 2000 Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Irish made Regulatex Latex 2000 mattress from Kaymed helps regulate the sleeping surface of the mattress naturally and is ideal for sleepers who find it hot at night time. Featuring a natural latex layer with highly conductive graphite which acts as a thermal pathway to distribute excess heat away from the sleeping surface, the Regulatex Latex 2000 mattress is highly desirable. It is a combination/hybrid...
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KAYMED Silver Medallion 1500 Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
The Silver Medallion 1500 combination/hybrid mattress from Kaymed gives you 1500 pocketed springs along with highly conductive silver infused microbeads. These microbeads disperse excess heat away from the body and will help to keep the mattress feeling cool. It is perfect for those sleepers that find it hot at night. Other materials include foam for support and comfort whilst the fillings are all...
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KAYMED Sleep To Dream 1500 Roll Up Mattress (Multiple Sizes)
If you're looking for a quality yet inexpensive mattress, then the Sleep to Dream Chiro-Form 1500 mattress is for you. It offers a good night's sleep for those looking for a firm mattress. What's better still, it is designed for people on the go so comes rolled up for ease of transportation and use. Ideal as a child's mattress, student accommodation mattress or for guests, this fantastic mattress is...


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KAYMED Sleep To Dream Comfifoam Single (90cm) Roll Up Mattress
When value for money and convenience are what you're after, the Sleep to Dream Comfifoam mattress is ideal. Made of quality foam by one of Ireland's leading bed specialists this comfifoam mattress offers a comfortable night's sleep. Ideal for children's beds, students beds or for guests, this mattress is a practical solution when price is important. For features - see below Dimensions Width: 90cm...