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We are delighted to add the fantastic Joseph Joseph kitchen utensils and gadgets to our extensive kitchenware collection. Known for their wonderfully practical designs, Joseph Joseph was founded in 2003 and have a unique ability to blend innovative design, contemporary styling and a distinctive use of colour in everything they do. Joseph Joseph's kitchen utensil selection will enhance your culinary and food preparation experience, while adding a touch of style and colour to your kitchenware. Take a look at the stunning collection now! 

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JOSEPH JOSEPH Grip-Grater Coarse Grater
Consisting of notches on the underside that hook over a bowl edge, this superb Grip Grate grater from Joseph Joseph is the perfect kitchen gadget. Featuring a coarse stainless steel blade and easy-grip handle, this fantastic grater with a non-slip tip is ideal for a variety of grating tasks. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsGrater with coarse bladeStainless steel bladeFeatures...
€13.99 €11.19 SAVE €2.80
JOSEPH JOSEPH ChopCup Vegetable Chopper
Chop your vegetables in a more convenient way with this wonderful ChopCup vegetable chopper from Joseph Joseph. Easy to use & clean, this fantastic chop cup features sharp, stainless-steel blades, which slice through the vegetables with ease and the chopped pieces are neatly collected in the cup. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsChop cup with stainless steel bladesCup...
€25.99 €20.79 SAVE €5.20

JOSEPH JOSEPH CleanForce Garlic Press
Crush clove with ease thanks to this superb Joseph Joseph CleanForce garlic press. Consisting of a wiper blade and scraping tool for easy cleaning, this wonderful garlic press with a powerful, easy-squeeze mechanism will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen gadget collection. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsGarlic press with wiping bladeScraping tool for easy cleaningPowerful,...
€16.99 €13.59 SAVE €3.40
JOSEPH JOSEPH Delta Folding Masher
This fantastic Joseph Joseph Delta masher will solve your kitchen storage issues and provide a more effective way to mash potatoes and other food items. Featuring a curved mashing plate designed to fit better into the edges of a pan, this wonderful masher consists of a head that can be folded neatly flat after use for easy storage. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsFoldable...
€16.99 €13.59 SAVE €3.40

JOSEPH JOSEPH Dimple Ice Cream Scoop
A fantastic addition to Joseph Joseph's kitchen gadget collection, this wonderful Dimple ice cream scoop is perfect for creating less mess when serving ice cream. Featuring a plated zinc-alloy head with a faceted surface to help release scooped ice cream more easily, a weighted handle with a flat tip for upright storage and a flexible silicone collar that catches any melted ice cream drips before...
€16.99 €13.59 SAVE €3.40
JOSEPH JOSEPH Easy-Mash Potato Masher
Enhance your cooking experience with this fantastic white Easy-Mash masher from Joseph Joseph. Designed to make short work of boiled potatoes, this wonderful masher features a more effective D-shaped design with a comfortable, non-slip grip and fins on the edges of the handle so you can scrape the pan as you mash, ensuring you get every last lump. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsMasher...
€11.99 €9.59 SAVE €2.40

JOSEPH JOSEPH GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Tool
This superb GoAvocado 3-in-1 tool from Joseph Joseph allows you to de-stone, scoop and slice all in one, creating a more convenient avocado preparation experience. This super handy green and white gadget features a fold-out plastic blade, a stainless-steel pitter, a curved slicing head and an ergonomic, soft grip handle for added comfort. For features – see belowFeatures & Care Instructions3-in-1...
€13.99 €11.19 SAVE €2.80
JOSEPH JOSEPH JuiceMax Dual-Action Citrus Press
This fantastic Joseph Joseph JuiceMax citrus juicer ensures you don't lose any juice. Featuring holes in the base so juice can flow freely and pips are trapped for easy disposal, this wonderful two-stage citrus press is perfect for juicing a variety of citrus fruit, including lemons, limes and oranges. For features – see belowFeatures & Care Instructions2-stage citrus juicerHoles in base...
€19.99 €15.99 SAVE €4.00

JOSEPH JOSEPH Measure-Up Adjustable Measuring Spoon
Featuring a sliding handle insert that adjusts the size of the bowl at both ends, this superb Joseph Joseph Measure-Up adjustable measuring spoon is convenient and versatile. Consisting of measurements of 1 ml up to 15 ml and from ¼ tsp up to 1 tbsp, this fantastic spoon is a kitchen essential. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsAdjustable measuring spoonSliding insert...
€9.99 €7.99 SAVE €2.00
JOSEPH JOSEPH Multi-Grip Mandoline
Create even slices of food efficiently and effectively with this handy Multi-Grip mandoline from Joseph Joseph. This fantastic gadget features a stainless steel blade, a precision food grip that allows you to slice a variety of items of differing sizes, a pinch grip for small items, such as radishes or garlic cloves, a centre grip for slicing rounds from carrots or cucumber and a flat grip for creating...
€19.99 €15.99 SAVE €4.00

JOSEPH JOSEPH PeelStore Waste Collecting Peeler
Ideal for collecting waste, this wonderful Joseph Joseph PeelStore peeler will allow you to keep the mess to a minimum. Featuring a transparent cover which simply slides open and a sharp, stainless steel blade, this handy peeler is the perfect solution to avoiding mess when peeling vegetables. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsWaste-collecting peelerStainless steel bladeTransparent...
€11.99 €9.59 SAVE €2.40
JOSEPH JOSEPH Power Grip Kitchen Scissors
Cut through any food item with the wonderful Joseph Joseph Power Grip kitchen scissors. Featuring an integrated thumb grip for two-handed use and Japanese stainless steel blades with a serrated edge, this fantastic pair of scissors with a handy blade notch for gripping items will enhance your culinary preparation tasks. For features – see belowFeatures & Care InstructionsMulti-purpose kitchen...
€19.99 €15.99 SAVE €4.00

JOSEPH JOSEPH SpiroGo Compact Handheld Spiraliser
Make small spiralising tasks quick and easy with this wonderful Joseph Joseph SpiroGo spiraliser in green and white. Perfect for spiralising courgettes, carrots & potatoes, this fantastic spiraliser consists of a long handle that provides much better grip than other hand-held spiralizers, a stainless-steel blade and a detachable finger guard with a food grip that allows you to spiralize ever last...
€11.99 €9.59 SAVE €2.40
JOSEPH JOSEPH Tri-Peeler 3-in-1 Peeler
This multi-funtional peeler with a potato-eye remover from Joseph Joseph will allow you to complete any peeling task with ease. Featuring 3 stainless steel blades; julienne, straight and soft fruit, this fantastic peeler with an ergonomic, easy-grip handle allows you to switch between each blade by simply pressing the button and removing and rotating the head unit. For features – see belowFeatures...


€16.99 €13.59 SAVE €3.40

JOSEPH JOSEPH Twist Grater Coarse & Fine
Presented by Joseph Joseph, this fantastic twist grater with a coarse blade and a fine blade is a must-have for any kitchen. Stylish and versatile, this unique grater consists of two different styles of etched stainless-steel blade set either side of its grating surface and a handle with two different grating positions for maximum convenience. The super twist handle allows you to rest it on the worktop...
€27.99 €22.39 SAVE €5.60
JOSEPH JOSEPH Twist Grater Extra Coarse & Ribbon
Presented by Joseph Joseph, this fantastic twist grater with an extra coarse blade and a ribbon blade is a must-have for any kitchen. Stylish and versatile, this unique grater consists of two different styles of etched stainless-steel blade set either side of its grating surface and a handle with two different grating positions for maximum convenience. The super twist handle allows you to rest it on...

JOSEPH JOSEPH Elevate 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Carousel Set With Tongs Multicoloured
This stylish 6-piece set from Joseph Joseph contains a range of essential kitchen tools, a pair of lockable stainless-steel tongs with heat-resistant silicone tips and a smart rotating storage stand with a non-slip base. Weighted handles and integrated tool rests prevent tool heads from touching the work surface when placed down. The nylon tool heads are heat resistant up to 200°C (392°F)....
€95.00 €76.00 SAVE €19.00
JOSEPH JOSEPH Large Cutlery Drawer Organiser Grey
The unique design of this large grey cutlery tray from Joseph Joseph features angled compartments that layer on top of each other, enabling over 48 pieces of cutlery to be stored in less space than a conventional cutlery tray holding much less. Items can be placed inside either head or handle first, but the design also features handy icons for easy identification. Non-slip feet on the base stop the...
€55.99 €44.79 SAVE €11.20