Alexander & James

Established over 120 years ago, Alexander & James is a luxury British furniture manufacturer with a fresh faced appreciation for the humble couch. The company’s ethos of creating premium quality, desirable leather and fabric sofas and chairs can be seen in each beautiful piece they create.

Designed and produced by a team of experts, you can be sure that when you purchase an Alexander & James sofa or chair that you are choosing an item that has been designed, crafted and manufactured by masters in the field of style and relaxation.

The company is renowned worldwide for their hand crafted sofas and chairs which are made from the finest sourced materials. This not alone includes its leathers but also the wood used in each piece which is sourced from sustainable environmentally friendly forests.

Comfort is also a top priority and rigorous research is undertaken with customers to ensure what is developed is not alone aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and long lasting.

The company also invests in keeping up-to-date with the latest in colour trends and its 2016/2017 collection reflects this. On offer are vibrant colour palettes that showcase the latest interior trends. These colours are further organised into themes to demonstrate what colours and themes go best together.

Apart from their fabric sofa collections, Alexander & James also source the finest leather from around the globe to create their luxurious leather sofas and chairs. All leathers have hand applied affects creating luxurious soft finishes. Depending on the shade, texture and grain you can actually give character to your sofa; making it truly unique.

At Meubles we stock and offer a fantastic selection of fabric and leather sofas in various styles and sizes from Alexander & James. You’ll see examples of Alexander & James sofas throughout the site.