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MINDY BROWNES Franklin Table Gold & Black (Multiple Sizes)
Bringing reflections to life with a stunning black mirrored surface, this Franklin set of 2 coffee tables from Mindy Brownes is designed with a nestling functionality and corrugated edges for an industrial look. Use it as a cluster of coffee tables, or separate units. It will work with lots of home interiors. Complementary items are available. For dimensions – see below DimensionsLarge Table...
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MINDY BROWNES Franklin Console Table Gold
The Franklin console table from Mindy Brownes is a manifestation of opulence. With its sandblasted wooden tabletop enveloped in the embrace of rustic silver corrugation, it is regally elevated upon a metallic gold circular stand. This unassuming design, with its profound impact gracefully woven between the lines, exudes an understated yet unmistakable sense of luxury. Complementary items are available....

MINDY BROWNES Franklin Hall Table Gold
With its slender, sleekly designed legs, the Franklin hall/console table displays soft corrugated edges while fitting into your wall like a glove. The black tinted mirror top adds an appealing contrast while leaving an unforgettable mark in your hall, entryway and living spaces. Complementary items are available. For dimensions – see belowDimensionsWidth: 122cm Depth: 43cmHeight: 79cmAll screens...