How To Maximise On Small Spaces


Are you wondering how you are going to fit any furniture in that small room, without making it look cramped? If you are clever about it, there is actually no reason you can't maximise on a small space. If you would like to know how, just keep reading.

Colour Scheme

Keep the colour scheme light. The best way to make a small room look bigger is by painting the walls light colours such as white. Light, simple colour palettes are proven to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is. In terms of flooring, add soft accents of wood. Using neutral colours in the walls and floor will make the room seem bigger. Don't worry about it looking too plain, you can add splashes of colour with cushions or wall art.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Utilising furniture that serves multiple purposes will help you to add some beautiful pieces to a small room and still have some space to move around. For example, a sofa bed provides you with both a stylish sofa and a comfortable bed. A sofa bed is perfect for accommodating overnight guests without having to set up a whole room for them. Plus, if you are watching your favourite Netflix show but you're feeling tired, just change the sofa into a bed. Another fantastic piece that allows you to maximise on small spaces is a storage ottoman. Ottomans are perfect for providing comfort in your home, while also giving you somewhere to store items. Ottomans are becoming a major trend in interior design and sure why not? They are fabulous and practical!

Room Decor

Are you worried about putting up some beautiful pictures or wall art because your room is quite small? Don't worry, you can still introduce your favourite decor pieces without causing the room to look even smaller. Simply hang the pictures up higher. When you place the wall decor above eye level, it gives the illusion of a tall ceiling and therefore, can cause your room to look even bigger than it is. Over-sized mirrors can also give the impression of a larger room so why not add one? Now that you have your walls looking fresh, keep the rest of your decor simple. Too many decorative pieces can make the room seem cluttered and cramped. Instead opt for a small lamp and perhaps, a decorative jar or candle holder.

Occasional Pieces

 There are a number of occasional pieces that will allow you to introduce stylish furniture and still create space. A wonderful example is a display cabinet. Display cabinets come in a range of sizes and are ideal for storing your treasured possessions and/or your delph and glassware. You can buy a variety of cabinets that also include drawers, giving you even more room to store your items. Coffee tables with drawers or shelves are also fantastic because they are practical and you can introduce character into the room. There are also some beautiful lamp tables that feature drawers or shelves, if you want a smaller occasional piece. Maximising on limited space isn’t about decreasing the furniture in the room; it is about clever interior styling and choosing furniture with internal storage.


Now that you have the room decorated with the finest furniture and wonderful decorative pieces, don't forget to keep it tidy! Small rooms can become very messy very easily so it is important to stay on top of the cleaning and keep the room free from clutter. Clutter can make a room look very small. Therefore, organisation is key. If you have an ottoman bedstead, then you should store items in there, not on the bedroom stool. You should also avoid adding more decorative pieces. If you want to add something, remove something else. This will keep the room looking great and not cramped. Another great piece for keeping your room tidy is a wardrobe with shelves and hanging rails. You can keep all of your clothes and personal items in here and leave your room free from clutter. Need more storage? Simply add a chest of drawers or bedside locker. There are a range of bedside lockers with drawers and shelves that would be perfect for keeping your bedroom clean. A chest of drawers is also ideal because you can pop items in the drawers and place decorative pieces or personal items on the top. Chest of drawers and lockers with a painted finish are a key trend right now because they give the room a modern look. Choose items that complement each other well.

How do you make your small space look bigger? We would love to hear about your clever interior design tricks!

8th June 2023

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