5 Tips for Styling Your Child's Bedroom

Are you getting your child's bedroom ready and not sure what to put in there? Don't worry, we have some tips for you to follow to ensure your child has everything they need and still has room to play. Even if you're not updating your child's room now, this may come in handy some day when you are. Here are the 5 things you should invest in:

1. Beds

First thing's first, they need a comfortable bed to sleep in. However, it is not just about comfort, why not give them a bed that they will enjoy. There are a range of bedstead styles to choose from, including fun beds, mid sleepers and house beds, that will add a sense of adventure to your child's room. We recommend mid sleepers because they can be so versatile. You can add a slide to them when your child is younger. As they get older, add some curtains and storage pockets for some convenient storage. Plus, when they are a teenager, they can still use the bed and add a pull-out desk to it so they can study comfortably. If you have two children in the one room, why not go for bunk beds? These allow you to provide beds for both of them and still leave space in their bedroom. Plus, many kids enjoy sharing bunk beds with their siblings. There are also a range of extension kits that you can get that will allow you to turn a bunk bed or mid sleeper into single beds. If your child is older, how about a sophisticated double bed or mid sleeper with storage options and a slide-out desk. Vipack offer a wide selection of mid sleepers with various built-in options, such as a slide, desk or cupboard space. Their wide range of beds are also available in a variety of colours.

2. Storage Options

When considering storage for your child's or teenager's bedroom, check the dimensions of the bedroom first. You want to ensure that the wardrobe does not take up too much space in the room and that it isn't too tall. Try to choose wardrobes and chest of drawers that go well with the decor scheme and the bed in the room. There are a range of sizes you can choose from, such as two door or three door wardrobes and tallboys, 3 drawer chest of drawers and more. Think about your child's belongings and how much storage space they will need. Remember, they may need more storage space when they're older and you don't want to be replacing a wardrobe or chest of drawers after just a few years.

 If space is limited, go for bedroom furniture with built-in storage. For example, Vipack’s Bonny & Parisot collections have a wonderful range of beds with built-in wardrobes, shelves, slide-out desks and more. In terms of colours, go for something that complements the other furniture and decor in the room or something that will brighten up the room if it is quite dark currently. You could also invest in a bedside locker for more space and somewhere for your child to place their night lamp or book. These also come in a range of sizes with one, two or three drawers. Some also include shelves. Again, check the dimensions. You don't want the bedside locker to be too tall or too low. Dimensions really are key in every room! Storage boxes or underbed drawers are also fantastic storage solutions. These are perfect for keeping your child’s room clutter-free.

3. Seating Options

Depending on the age of your child or teenager, there are various seating options available. If your child enjoys reading or even scrolling through the phone, then they may want somewhere comfortable to do so. How about a bean bag chair? Bean bag chairs add some fun to your child's room and are quite comfy. They are also portable so your child can constantly change where they want to sit. With so many colours and styles to choose, your child will be spoilt for choice. If you want something slightly more stable, what about their own armchair or a bedroom stool. Nowadays, children can have anything adults do, including their own stylish armchairs. These are designed for kids and would make a fantastic reading spot. Bedroom stools are also quite handy because they can be moved anywhere. However, they may not be as comfortable as a fabric chair. If you do decide on a stool, perhaps pop a cushion on it for extra comfort. Rocking chairs are also a fun addition to any child's room and they add a layer of sophistication to the decor. There really are so many seating options for your child or teenager. What will you choose?

4. Study Essentials

This may not be relevant just yet if your child is quite young. However, maybe just keep this in the back pocket? When your child does grow up or if they are already older, they will need somewhere to do their homework or study. You should invest in study furniture that is comfortable and practical. For example, Vipack offer Comfortline adjustable study desks, which means your child can adjust the height to suit them, preventing any physical discomfort from having to bend or kneel on the seat to reach the desk. There are also a variety of adjustable chairs to match these desks so you can ensure comfort for your child. Some of the Comfortline options are quite childish and therefore, if your child is older, you may want to invest in something slightly more sophisticated, such as a simple Vipack or Steens desk with some drawers and shelves. Don’t worry, there is an extensive range of styles to choose from. As with all furniture, check the dimensions of the room first. If your child or teenager has a mid sleeper, you could invest in a slide-out or pull-out desk. These attach to the mid sleeper and are perfect if space is limited. Try to invest in study items that your child can use over a number of years, making it a worthwhile investment.

5. Fun Accessories

Now that we have all of the practical stuff out of the way, how can you make your child's room fun? Don't worry, there are a host of affordable options. If your child has a mid sleeper, why don't you add a slide to it? This will keep them entertained for a while. You could also add a tunnel and/or curtains to the bed to make it their own special castle or kingdom. Just look at the way this mid sleeper with a tunnel and curtains evokes a sense of adventure.If you want to create a mini playground in their bedroom, how about a mini slide and climbing frame. Don't make their room too fun though, you still want them to go out in the sun. There are so many ways you can add enjoyment to your child's room. The only problem is there is too much choice. Try to stick to affordable options that your child will enjoy for more than a year.

These are our recommendations when setting up or updating your child's room. Are you updating your child's room? Let us know.

5th May 2023

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