How to Revamp a Room By Adding Home Decor Pieces


Do you have a room in your house that just looks old and drab? Say no more, we know how you can change this by just adding a few home decor pieces, such as pictures and mirrors. You will be amazed at how much a room can change just by being redecorated. Adding some of these stunning features will completely refresh your room!

1. Pictures & Wall Art

Nothing says dull like bare walls so introduce some pictures or wall art. Adding a modern picture of the coast or an abstract painting can really update any room. Plus, if you have a lot of space on your walls, you could add a set of pictures, such as these Camelot Gold Foil Ferns, to really brighten up that room. You could put the pictures into pairs or sets of three for impact. Try to select pictures that complement your current interior style in the room. For example, if it consists of modern furniture in bright colours and bright walls, don't just stick a dark and moody image on the wall. Your home decor should always work well with your interior theme.

2. Mirrors & Clocks

Introducing a mirror into the room will give it a new shape and dimension. Mirrors are not only a beautiful decorative piece but they also bounce light around and create the illusion of more space. When deciding on mirrors, go for something with character and perhaps, a mirror without any frames to add a modern edge to the room. There are a range of shapes and sizes to choose from so make sure you check the measurements and visualise how it might look on your wall. If you are looking for trendy decor to update the room, how about an over-sized clock? Over-sized clocks are a major interior trend right now and provide the perfect decor solution for covering more space on the wall. Ensure the clock you choose matches the room's interior theme.

3. Cushions & Throws

If you don't have much space on your walls, then why not add a new cushion or throw to your furniture instead? Adding cushions with simple yet elegant patterns can make old furniture in a room go from outdated to modern and stylish. Bright cushions and throws will brighten up the room and give it a fresh new look. Plus, adding a throw to the room will also provide something to keep you warm and cosy during the cooler days. When deciding on what cushion or throw to introduce, try to go for bright reds, yellows, oranges and blues. Make sure that your choice also complements the existing furniture well.

4. Lighting

Sometimes all a room really needs is better lighting! Poor lighting can make the room appear dull and drab. Adding a table or floor lamp will not only brighten up the room but it will also introduce a modern style, depending on the lamp of course. Choose a distinctive table lamp with elegant detail for a more sophisticated look. Or if you would prefer a floor lamp, go for something sleek and stylish. Whichever lamp you choose, ensure it is not too big for the space you have in mind. You don't want the room looking too cluttered or cramped.

5. Rugs

If you are looking to add more colour to the room, how about a stylish rug? There are a range of stunning rugs with various patterns and colours that you could choose from. Or you could choose a plain rug in a fabulous bright colour. Whichever rug you choose, check the dimensions first as you don’t want it to be too small or too big for the room you’re revamping. A beautiful rug can really add character to any room and it is a great way to introduce colour. It will also provide extra comfort for your feet! Just look at how this gorgeous Sunrise rug complements the room.

6. Occasional Furniture

Occasional pieces are another way to revamp a room. Available in a range of colours and styles, an occasional chair is the perfect way to make a statement or add the finishing touch to any room. If you want to brighten up the dull, lifeless room, then go for a light blue or yellow chair. Adding an occasional chair will give you somewhere to relax in the room and create a more modern look. You can choose between armchairs, swivel chairs and reclining chairs. Add a throw or cushion to your occasional chair and watch your room go from outdated and drab to cosy and colourful. You could also introduce a nest of tables to add a sophisticated edge to the room. Or if you want to increase storage in the room, how about a stylish sideboard? Occasional furniture is perfect for filling up empty space and creating a distinctive look in any room.

7. Bed Linen

New bed linen can also refresh a room. If there is a bedroom looking dull in your home, then add a fresh duvet cover, pillowcase and sheet. Choosing bright and eye-catching colours will ensure the new bed linen creates a more appealing look. Why not go for a reversible duvet cover set, like this stunning Coastal Stripe duvet cover set from Joules? There are a range of reversible duvet cover sets available, which means you can change the look of the room just by flipping your duvet cover over. This will provide a convenient way to change up the look and feel of the room in the future. Floral and nature patterns are also a major trend in bed linen styling right now and are the perfect way to create a modern, sophisticated look in any bedroom. Plus, you can add a cushion or throw to complement whatever linen you decide to purchase. 

Following even just one of these tips will help you to completely refresh that dull room in your home. Will you be trying any of these?

30th May 2023

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