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BELLEEK Candle (Multiple Scents)
Immerse yourself in an opulent and mesmerising fragrance with this Incense & Amber candle from Belleek, a perfect blend of herbaceous sage and spicy cinnamon, harmoniously paired with luxurious saffron and earthy patchouli. As the scent unfolds, deep and warm amber, combined with sandalwood, sweet vanilla, and musk base notes, create a rich and inviting composition. This captivating fragrance offers...
FROM €15.00
BELLEEK Diffuser (Multiple Scents)
Introducing the Belleek Living Jasmine and Vanilla Diffuser, designed to envelop your home in the perfect ambiance with its exotic scent. Immerse yourself in delicate notes of citrus fruits and citrus blossom, harmoniously combined with aromatic jasmine. The fragrance reaches new depths as vanilla and tonka bean create blissfully warm base notes, ensuring a comforting and hypnotic atmosphere. Let this...
FROM €15.00