Interior Design Trends 2022

With 2021 out of the way it’s time for a change and what better way to inspire change than with an interior revamp!

Here are six interior trends that will be taking the world by storm this year. Will you be following them?

1. Industrial Styling

It’s time to say goodbye to furniture with a perfect finish and welcome the beautiful art of exposed stoneware and wood, high ceilings, metal elements and neutral colours.

This trend was beginning to take off in 2020 and will no doubt be bigger than ever this year! Industrial styling adds a luxurious edge to your home decor and creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Just look at this fabulous “industrial luxe” styled dining room.

2. Snug Space

With the year that we have had, many people are looking to create a snug place in their homes, adding warmth and comfort.

You may want to introduce your own occasional chair into your bedroom or invest in a woolly throw to cuddle up in.

This trend is all about creating a more comfortable space for you to relax in and unwind. We don’t know about you, but this interior trend sure sounds perfect to us!

3. Yellow & Grey

Listed as Pantone’s Colour of the Year, yellow and grey colours will be incorporated into interior design this year more than ever.

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022, ultimate grey and illuminating yellow, are colours that come together to represent strength and positivity. These colours evoke feelings of warmth and happiness and this year’s interior design will use these colours to encapsulate those feelings in the home. As you can see, these colours blend together perfectly!

4. Granny Chic

“Granny chic” or “grandmillenial” style involves the use of vintage-style furniture and home decor and this trend is going to be an integral part of many interior design styles this year.

In an attempt to create a more positive and comfortable home environment, many people will turn to “granny chic” pieces to introduce nostalgia and tradition back into their homes. Vintage-style pieces have been taking over many interior trends over the years and now they will play an even more important role in the interior design world, making a house a home.

5. Tropical Inspiration

Looking for a way to introduce calmness and tranquility into the home? Adding tropical-inspired elements to your home decor will do just that.

With many of us longing for a relaxing getaway, these colours are guaranteed to become a huge part of interior design trends in 2022. Add a beautiful coastal painting to your home or introduce a tropical vibe into your bedroom with a palm tree patterned duvet cover.

6. Statement Headboards

This year will be all about making a statement in the bedroom with a fabulous headboard.

With so many people at home now more than ever, more time is being invested into the design of the home, including the bedroom. An eye-catching headboard creates a sophisticated look, but also evokes feelings of comfort. Isn’t there something so enticing about a huge fabric headboard that just makes you want to snuggle up in your bed?

So, these are our predictions for the interior design trends of 2022.

Which ones will you be following? If you have any trend predictions for this year, let us know.

7th December 2021

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