Snuggledown’s proud Norwegian heritage has taught them a thing or two about keeping you warm, comfortable and cosy. Driven by a passion for innovation and faced with long, cold Norwegian winters, Snuggledown’s founders looked to nature and found a solution that has been adopted around the world; the continental quilt, now more commonly known as the duvet.

Ever since making that first duvet back in 1901, their expert craftsmen and women have painstakingly perfected the artisan skills of duvet making.

Today, they combine those years of experience with the latest technologies and the very best of British research, development and workmanship.  It means their products aren’t just beautifully made: they’re also perfect for modern-day living and just right for you.

Their collection includes natural feather or indulgent, innovative synthetic pillows, duvets, toppers and protectors, all expertly hand crafted to offer luxurious comfort.

Browse Snuggledown’s high quality and luxurious range in our stores or buy online and discover the duvet and pillow of your dreams.