Dunlopillo latex was invented by Dunlop scientists in January 1929 and was originally used to pad seats in public transport and aircraft cockpits.

From there, the unique moulding Dunlopillo properties were quickly developed and harnessed to create mattresses and pillows that deliver an outstanding night’s sleep. Designed to stand the test of time, Dunlopillo pillows come with up to five years guarantee.

Their all-natural latex pillows stay cool and fresh throughout the night, and spring back to shape time after time, offering incredible comfort and support.

Surround yourself in softness (without worrying about your allergies) with Dunlopillo’s premium collection of hypo-allergenic pillows. To make each one, they’ve carefully selected the highest-quality fillings to ensure their pillows feel luxuriously down-like for years. Children, allergy sufferers or busy hosts may prefer to use these non-allergenic pillows, as they are naturally free of dust mites, plus can be machine-washed and dried with ease. Small clusters, micro fibres or hollow fibres are used to ensure that each pillow can be effortlessly re-plumped.

Visit in store to view our selection of Dunlopillo products that will give you a healthy night’s sleep for many years to come.